‚ÄčThis website will soon be dying in a new style! Changes coming soon.

To help me keep this site ad free. I don't want to sell out, but dancing around town in my wheelchair doesn't pay much.

Death is a terminal condition each of us was born with.

We who are reading these words are alive now. Once we realize we are alive, we can choose how  we die. We might not know our expiration date or what fatal event will trigger our demise, but we can choose how we get there.

I call it dying with style.

My style for living while I die is dancing around town in my wheelchair.

I hope to encourage everyone to get out of their house and into their communities (preferably while dancing). Isolation is a deadly habit easily fallen into, especially for those of us with disabilities. Getting outside and being social is vital for mental health purposes. There have been times I have to force myself to go out and on those days I listen to sad songs and cry/dance. The important thing is to get out.

In an ironic twist of fate, it's hard to be in a bad mood when you're dancing or watching someone else dance. It is fun to make people smile just by wiggling while I ride through my town full of heroes.

Join me, and dance when you see me dancing!

This website also allows me to recognize and celebrate the many heroes in my life. As a professional DID (damsel in distress) I have had the honor of being rescued by many people in a wide variety of crazy situations. I love sharing how I met Superman or Elvis, bragging about entire departments of heroes, and telling stories of ordinary people who do what they can with what they have to help someonewho needs help.

My coconspirators page showcases other artistsmusicians, authors, designers, and other creative people who also are changing the world from the seat of their wheelchairs. Hopefully one day Ellen will notice this particular CDC and bring us together! I need her help for several of the things on my bucket list, so feel free to tell her about me.

There are many things I can't do, like walk.

 However, each of us is capable of doing our part to make the world a better place. I get to do that by being myself and having fun in my wheelchair. How lucky am I?

Join the movement! Follow me below, and next time I post a dance video, dance no matter where you are or what you're supposed to be doing. I'm also looking for minions to complete #dyingwithstyle challenges around the world.

I'll post #dyingwithstyle challenges below as well as a lot of other rambling.

The tragedy of life is not death, but what we let die inside of us while we live.

- Norman Cousins