Aaron goes above and beyond the call of duty every time. Most recently, he picked me up off the floor. I had fallen out shortly before he delivered two packages. Other examples of his heroism are below. I call UPS often to brag about him. 

We had ordered storage/loft beds for two of our kids. 

Fed Ex had dropped the first bed boxes off without a knock on the door or anything, and they had simply propped up the massive boxes against our garage door. In that case, there were two over-sized boxes each weighing around 100lbs, which got rained on before my ex-husband was able to get home and take them inside.

It was a welcome surprise when UPS delivered the second bed and my hero went above and beyond his call of delivery duty. He rang the doorbell, and upon seeing me in a wheelchair, asked if I would like him to bring the boxes inside the house. I jokingly asked him if he could just bring them upstairs since that is where the kids' rooms are.

The bed there were three boxes each weighing between 70-100lbs. He did it. My heroic UPS driver painstakingly brought each bulky box all the way upstairs for me. It was obviously a difficult task. The stairway is about the width of the boxes, and they were so large, not to mention the shifting weight of the bed parts inside, yet he managed the task with a little bit of sweat and a lot of compassion. 

Since this initial act of heroism, Aaron has delivered several packages to my new apartment. He has met me at the door while I'm fighting back hormonal tears. Our latest encounter happened shortly before I got in the shower. I heard the knock and UPS and hollered "do not come in" while I wrapped myself in a blanket and opened the door. It was Aaron, who graciously set the box inside for me and smiled his shy smile at my awkwardness. 

I should mention that Aaron is a bit of a local celebrity, according to women I've told his story and shown his picture to. He is the local eye candy at several companies who look forward to his always courteous and professional deliveries. 

Aaron from UPS