The Damsel

Rolling with whatever life throws at me is more fun with music. I lip sync and dance all over town. Life is more fun with background music and it is hard to be in a bad mood when you are dancing or watching someone else dance.

I put positive quotes on the sides of my wheelchair to give onlookers something good to look at.

Wheelchairs and other mobility aids are mobile billboards.One day I hope advertisers will recognize it and rent the ad space from those of us who use them.

How you can help

Still want to help? Awesome! Dancing around town doesn't pay much unless you count karma points, which don't pay the bills.

If you have the ability to help me financially, I would definitely appreciate it and I'm sure the universe will reimburse such kindness in many incredible ways.

Please click this Paypal Link or if you have the Cash app, $DyingWithStyle is the fee free way to go.

Dancing with me is the easiest way you can help. Follow me on Youtube and if you see me dancing, join me. No matter where you are or what you're supposed to be doing. If I can do it in a wheelchair, you should be able to sneak a few seconds in. I hope to interrupt arguments and burn through the dark clouds of depression that can envelope each of us.

If you want to do more, please spread the idea of wheelchairs are mobile billboards. People with disabilities all over the world could make an income regardless of the reason they are in a chair. I'm pretty sure most chair users would gladly commit to interacting with their communities for a few hours. Isolation is a deadly habit easily fallen into for those of us with no reason to go out. Especially when going out costs so much of our time and energy. Advertisers could give us a reason to leave the house while benefiting from the many perks of employing the disabled. 

Multiple sclerosis, broken bones, and replaced body parts are a few of the reasons that I'm safer in a wheelchair. My ability to turn almost any situation into a disaster has earned me the title of professional damsel in distress and has brought many heroes into my life.

When I'm not dancing around town or getting into disasters I make dollhouses out of boxes, and do many other craft projects. 

Under the cover of night I enjoy sharing smiles in sidewalk chalk with my city as a harmless act of civil disobedience. It feels good to be a little naughty sometimes.

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Personal Projects