Bingo Buddies

​Don and Norma are more than heroes, They are also my friends. 

My kids used to go to judo at a local establishment where the owner, Sensei Pat, gave me a few free bingo passes.

I soon struck up a conversation with Don and we haven't run out of things to talk about yet. As well as entertaining me with conversation, they have bought me packets, given me money, bought me snacks, and have given me tons of markers. They also give me pens, which I have a habit of losing, and bought me the beautiful necklace in the photo. Karma has a way of repaying them for all the financial help (Norma is the luckiest bingo player ever). Don also gives me tootsie roll pops, and when I ran into him at the store he swapped my full-price chicken out for one of his half-price ones.

Because of their gifts I was able to take the kids to a video game place to hang out and play, and go out to eat after, which I wouldn't have been able to do otherwise because my only income at this point is social security, and money gets really tight at the end of the month.

The friendship is worth more than their generosity though. Don entertains me with countless stories, and Norma gives me hugs and tells me when I'm looking sexy, which is something us cripples don't hear very often. They make me laugh with their stories and when Don and I get distracted Norma reminds us to play the games at just the right moment.  

They also help so many other players. It is part of who they are, and I love them and am honored to call them my heroes and my friends.

I don't go play bingo much anymore. Sitting still for that long makes my butt even more sore than it typically is, so I donated my markers to a local elementary school for use in their bingo nights.

Thanks again, and I will always love you!