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Taking inspiration from my co-conspirator Danny, I decided I should make my own bucket list. Other than the first and last, they are in no particular order. These are a few of my dreams:

  • Be the best mom and step-mom I can be

  • Throw a huge party for my town and heroes

  • Meet and dance with Ellen and my favorite artists and bands

  • Get a van I can drive from my wheelchair

  • Tour the world (if I'm going to dream I might as well dream big)

  • Be in the brotherhood of the Moore Fire Department

  • Meet all of my co-conspirators in person

  • Get paid to dance

  • Write, publish, and sell my fictional auto-biography, and my children's book series 

  • Make my laugh lines deeper than my frown lines

  • Throw a huge pro-active death party/funeral before my death

  • Literally die with style (I wanted to skydive over the ocean without a parachute, but I'm not sure I can pull that off)