​Chaz Inez

Chaz actually rescued me and my daughter. As you can see in the picture above, a construction vehicle was parked on the sidewalk my daughter and I were travelling on. We tried to go around the vehicle on the side with the hill, but the ground was too soft, and the chair couldn't get the traction needed to go around.

The side with the cones was dangerously close to traffic, plus it was marred with deep grooves from some sort of heavy vehicle's tires.

Chaz must have seen the struggle as he happened by, and he pulled over and, along with a couple of construction workers from the site helped me pass the vehicle blocking the sidewalk.

They had to lift the chair over the grooves, no easy task, with my daughter and I, we were over 500lbs.

After passing the truck, I was able to talk to Chaz and discover that he is starting up a company with his wife in Tulsa, which will help provide transportation for disabled people at a fraction of the cost of regularly accessible transport.  

I call that a match made in heaven and am so fortunate to have been stuck in the right place at the right time to meet this hero.

Please check out his company Ready Care Transit and thanks again Chaz!