Driver Dean

​Dean has come to my rescue on numerous occasions. He drives the accessible van for our local senior center.

My first meeting with him was when I almost got killed in the high school parking lot because my chair malfunctioned. He rescued me then, and several other times when my chair broke down around town.

On another occasion my chair had not been holding a charge since the cord was vandalized, which equated to almost a month of entrapment. I also had a doctor's appointment across town but thankfully Dean graciously picked me up on short notice to go. He has taken me to and from the doctor, to the community center to work out with firemen, and to a cell phone repair place to fix my phone after I accidentally demolished the screen. 

He goes all over town taking seniors on errands and to and from activities. That service is desperately needed. It is vital for mental heath and well-being to get out, and there are too many people who would never get out if it wasn't for Dean and other heroes like him