Not So Terrible Teens

I have a confession to make. I have secretly feared and (I'm sorry) disliked teenagers for many years. I think it started in high school with all the cliques and petty fights, etc. A few years ago my wheelchair broke down in the high school parking lot (in the middle of a main exit, while school was dismissing and the teenage beasts were desperately trying to escape their prison) it didn't help my fear any. I thought I would die that day. Thankfully a hero woman came and pushed me out of the way.

Anyway, I've been very afraid of teenagers for years. This fear however started to change and is almost completely gone now (although I still don't want to be around when school lets out). The main reason for the change is that I happen to have two very cool teenagers of my own, who inspire me often with their courage to be themselves. I now realize that they are not as bad as I had previously thought.

I've often crossed the street with groups of teens. Some of them started dancing to my music, and they have often talked, or given me some tips for doing the robot or another dance move in the chair.

The video to the right isAce with his impromptu rap. Sasha played the music in the background, and Tony would have danced, but their lunch was almost er. 

JJ is in the photo on the left. I happened to be out during the high school lunch time and asked several groups of kids if they knew how to basically slide your head from one shoulder to the other. 

The crosswalk kids were in a rush but still very nice. The next group I spoke with had a young square dancer. It sounded like so much fun but my wheels might break a few toes.

JJ was in the final teen clique I interrupted. He has some awesome popping skills and I'm calling him my dance motivator. He said it can take years and suggested I can build some upper body strength by holding cans.

I dance by the high school all the time and haven’t been bullied yet. Teenagers can be more accepting than adults if they put their minds to it. I've had a teen run across several parking lots to say how much he appreciated my dancing around town. Thanks for letting me be me and sometimes even playing along with my non-traditional life.