Jr. High Rescuers

Teens and preteens sometimes get a bad reputation, but on the day I broke my foot, a few of them became my heroes. This is their story.

The more stressed I am, the less clearly I think. I don't remember what exactly was going on, except I was getting ready to "walk" the dogs when I heard the trash collectors coming down the street. 

Great, I thought, I forgot to have the kids pull the cans down to the curb.​ The footrests on the wheelchair were folded up but I didn't take the time to put them down before heading out the door and starting down the ramp. 

I didn't realize I had started running over my foot until I felt a severe pain. I stopped my chair while still on the ramp and still on my foot. I had to fall out of the chair to pull my foot out from under the wheel. Maybe I could have backed the chair up or something, but my brain only had the "fall out and use your hands to pull your foot out" suggestion, so that's what I did. 

The dogs had gotten out of my grasp when I fell, but I managed to steer the chair off the ramp from my seated position on the ground. Anyway, so there I was, on the ground with a broken foot, the dogs had come close enough for me to grab their leashes, but I would have to let them go if I was to try to get back into my wheelchair, which wouldn't have been good because they would have immediately begun barking at and chasing the waves of Jr. High'ers coming down the street.

Two Jr. High kids came to my rescue. They asked if they could help, and they held the dogs leashes and helped me back into my wheelchair. Pretty sure they pulled the trash cans down to the curb too, but the pain by that point makes it difficult to remember all the details. 

Sometimes I think teenagers/preteens are the easiest to discriminate against. Many adults write them off as self-absorbed, or trouble-makers, and maybe they can be that at times, but they can also be really great kids who step up and help when given the chance. They can even be heroes to an accident-prone cripple.