When something goes wrong, or I have a brilliant idea I need expert help with, I first go to Lowe's. Erika was my heroine of the moment, and she began trying to help me figure out a more permanent way of affixing my lights to the chair. While we were debating options, a customer mentioned that it sounded like I needed some sort of chicken wire clamps.

Erika explained Lowe's didn't carry that particular type of clamp. She suggested I go to Tractor Supply, which is what led me to Judson. 

When I got there, I asked to be pointed to the wire clamps, and Judson sent me that way to browse while he finished with another customer. Soon he was checking in with me to see if I had found what I needed. I hadn't, and I explained what I was trying to do. Judson had some ideas and soon we were journeying through the store looking at different options,

Judson took the time to listen to my concerns and the problems I was seeking solutions for.

Whereas I am a duct tape aficionado, Judson has a thing for zip ties, and turned me on to this new best friend. He made sure my seat could still function, properly while securing my lights and cup holder.

To be honest, I have still managed to break all my light people, but I think I'll ask Santa for some ideas on that. I'm really hard on them with spinning donuts and stuff.

The point is, it wasn't Judson's fault the wires can't handle me. He attached them perfectly

Best of all since meeting Judson has been the cup holder. Every wheelchair or walker should have a cup holder. I lost my good one on a bumpy road one day, but the way Judson fixed this old crappy one has made it feel and work better than the one I lost. 

So, thank you so much Judson, and if I find a good way to strengthen the wires I'm going to you to help me put them back on. I made this video before breaking the lights.