I'll start with the manager who started it all Tyler. I can be a tad impulsive. I'm not sure exactly what I was thinking when I asked to talk to a manager at Lowes. My latest and greatest idea for changing the world was to put Christmas lights on my wheelchair. I thought that would help me go viral. Before spending my disability check on Christmas lights, I had decided to ask Lowes to donate them.  

Which is how I came to meet Tyler. He listened to my crazy plans for changing the world from the seat of my chair. He asked me what I needed. I explained my desire for stuff that I could put on my chair to make it even more noticeable. He said that he'd hook me up with a couple of boxes of solar lights and even threw in a few Christmas village accessories for my kids. I have since destroyed and reattached many lights, trying to find the most durable solution, but Tyler is the one who started it all.

Beyond that, Tyler's generosity is giving the whole world another reason to smile when they see me. Watch the video. I dare you to not smile.

I've tracked Tyler down for help several times since then. He mounted my knife to the arm of my chair and has given me other supplies at cost. The other managers there have helped me so often too, but I don't have pictures yet of them.

‚ÄčAlthough Tyler was my first hero from Lowes, I've also had several many other employees go above and beyond the call of duty to help me out.

Ray is another one of my heroes. He gave me his number to call if I was ever in need of help outside of the store, and I have taken him up several times on his offer. I ran over my charger, and the end, supposed to be round, was oval. It wouldn't fit into my chair, and my attempts at fixing it didn't do much. He came all the way to my house from Ardmore to bend it into shape for me.

I have texted or called him for advice or help numerous times since then. Ray also offered to help build me a ramp if I need one when I find a house to move into

Pat bought me a roll of this girl's best friend, duct tape. He entertained me with his stories as I painstakingly removed all the torn up patterned tape from everything on my chair. I explained what I was trying to do, but that I've got to figure out a way to make money with this.

He also brainstormed ideas with me, and we spent pl plenty of time chatting about life in general as I cleaned out the my bag. Pat has a rare condition that is slowly taking his eyesight, but he isn't letting it stop him.

Erika helped me one day when I went into Lowes looking a hero. She took her time listening and examining the problem (which in this case was missing and loose screws holding the control panel onto the chair. She fixed it, with no problem and asked what else I needed. I then told her about theflags I had received from Val, and my idea for mounting them somehow where I could easily interchange the color of flag so it could match my signs or outfit or whatever. She hooked me up and made me a real flagpole that I can ziptie to my chair, and easily wrap securely whichever flag matches best

When the plug on my chair was damaged, I managed to rig a temporary fix to charge my battery enough to get to Lowes, where I knew I'd find help.

Brian and Carl were the guys this time who found a replacement plug, cut my old one off and attached the new one. 

Carl then adjusted the foot rest for me, tightened several loose screws, and told me instead of buying an allen wrench, I can just come in to their store whenever I need help.

I'm leaving out the stories I don't have pictures to go with, but rest assured,Lowes and its employees at my local store are always willing and able to lend this crazy dancing cripple a helping hand.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend? Maybe for some girls, but the local Lowe's stocks its store with almost everything this girl needs, including so many heroes.