​My Buff Brothers

at the 

​Moore Fire Department

The first time I had the pleasure of hanging with these guys was when the joystick had gone out on my chair. Shawna and Jayden had pushed me to the safety of the sidewalk while I contacted the non emergency police number. I explained my situation to the dispatcher who stated she'd send the fire department out

At that time I had never experienced the pleasure of an MFD rescue and I was very excited. When the guys arrived, I explained the situation and suggested we use a bungee cord and hook my chair to their truck for a quick tow home but they had a better idea. We put my chair in manual and Brett, Nick and Chance took turns pushing while Dustin shadowed us with the truck. My home was several blocks away which gave me plenty of time to tell them about my movement, including the fact that the police had a hero page and due to their rescue I could make the Fire Department a page.

They wanted their link above the PD. I told them I could only accommodate their request if they danced with me. It turned out that Brett is a dance machine and he worked it across the high school parking lot. It was so much fun. We laughed and talked and danced while they pushed. When we got to my house they hung around smiling and laughing and letting me take pictures.They also invited me to workout with them, which I did as soon as possible.

My working out involved quite a bit of harassment. From me, toward them. I think they felt obligated to let me stay because technically they had invited me. I pretended to work out with them several times until I recognized how annoyed they were getting. Then I just started drawing on the sidewalk in front of the place, although I still go there when I need something fixed or dismantled. Today I went there to take some pictures, but the Captains are definitely getting annoyed with that. (Sorry guys).

The MFD has helped me many times since the initial dispatch. Kevin came out with Nick and a few other guys to help push me when my chair died after the charging pg was damaged. They swapped out my tires twice when they were falling apart. They are also the first responders when I've had to push my emergency button at my apartment complex. 

I don't want to forget the guys who threw my solar smile around. It still kills me that I forgot to make that video. My point is these guys are awesome, and guys what Firefighters are. They're a brotherhood! I only have two sisters and I've always wanted brothers. These guys are my dream brothers. Buff, funny, easy going, yet willing and able to help if I need help. It's perfect which is why being in the brotherhood of the MFD is on my bucket list. 

My Buff Brothers at the Moore Fire Department