Here are some pics of the more recent rescues.

They uprighted my chair when I fell on my side, and delivered my Christmas tree.

I'm a professional damsel in distress. Strangers often come to my aide, but sometimes I need my buff brothers.

They've saved me a few times from my torture chamber, aka bathroom.

I don't have pictures to go with everything, and they've rescued me so many times, I can't even remember every story.

The Buff Brother pit crew fixed my wheel when it fell off.

I love my brothers at the MFD and hope to one day be officially adopted into the brotherhood. I volunteered, but they said they are all paid...besides, they already have a rescue dummy.

Thank you guys for honking and waving, and for putting up with my harassment.

They have pushed me home after my chair has broken down. They've changed my worn tires and pulled me out of the mud.

They often stick around to help me adjust my chair after they're sure I'm okay.

I draw on the sidewalk often where they work out. I hope my messages make the guys smile. It is one way that I can show my appreciation for their frequent assistance.