My Kind of Town

In case you haven't already noticed, I love my city. Not only do most of my heroes live here, many city employees have helped me in more situations than I can count.

My chair has been pushed off a busy road to a driveway by one city worker, My hero Jon (pic to the right) pulled me and my chair out of the mud by Subway, City employees have volunteered to help me with tasks at my home which don't require assistance from my brothers.

The animal rescue department has helped with jury rigging the gate at my old house so the dogs would quit escaping.

Let's not forget my hero Perry, and the other employees working for the public works department. That particular department has also patiently listened to and addressed other concerns I've called them with.

The many people in the city hall building are always helpful addressing my weird requests for things like permission to draw on city property with chalk, the protest permit I'm working on, etc.

The city manager hooked me up with a hat and a pin which I love wearing around town. I've had the pleasure of meeting and interacting with many elected officials, and they love the city almost as much as I do! Councilman Adam Webb met me at the fire station when I was out drawing to take some pictures for his city page. He wants to promote the positive stuff in town just like I do!

Let's not forget the police and fire departments, which rescue this damsel in distress on a regular basis. Then there is the fact that the city patiently puts up with my sidewalk chalk art, and with the music blasting from my speaker and my crazy dance moves.

I also "borrow" excessive flags marking power/water/gas lines to use as the skeletons for the solar powered light figures I decorate my chair with. I'll make an video soon. I found a perfect wire for what will soon be a very fun lap light. They city had also been improving sidewalks and with the new accessible park, it the perfect place for those of us with disabilities.

I've got to also praise our mail carriers and all the ordinary citizens, like the woman who brought my groceries home when my entire load fell off without me noticing cause I was so busy dancing. There was a man who helped me salvage a case of mountain dew which had fallen when I went over a big bump, the guy who helped me over the downed power lines, the stranger who gave me and my manual chair a ride home without killing me (riding with strangers is a bad idea kids. Don't do it!), the guy who righted my chair when it fell sideways, the hero who noticed me from far away and helped me off the curb when I was high centered, and all the people who make sure to tell me they appreciate my nontraditional role in town. I've been given free lettering for my chair, free snow cones, money, and the best cupcake I've ever had. Strangers approach me often to tell me they see me and care about what I'm doing and to keep it up. These citizens consistently remind me of why I love it here.​ 

The name of our city, Moore, inspires me to be Moore, do Moore, live Moore and laugh Moore. We've experienced some very horrific tornadoes but each time we come back stronger, which is probably why our motto is Moore Strong.

I'd ask everyone to love their own city as much as I do, but I'm pretty sure that would be impossible. What we all can do is our part in making cities around the world shine.

If your city sucks, why? What can you do to make it better? Need ideas? Start by drawing smiley faces on the sidewalk with sidewalk chalk, or other #dyingwithstyle challenges. Smiles are very powerful things, and so easy to give away. If you're brave dance! It's hard to be in a bad mood when you're dancing or watching someone else dance, so dance!