Moore Police Department

I have a thing for those boys (and girls) in blue. I've had so many great interactions with members of the department, they are all my heroes.

Here are a few of their stories, starting with Officer Franco, the man who pulled my chair out of the clutches of my muddy yard on the fourth of July.

I had gone into the back yard to look for our dog Ginger, who was nowhere to be found. As I tried to exit the back yard, my chair was trapped in the mud. My kids brought my manual chair over, and we tried pushing and pulling, but to no avail. Finally I decided to call the non emergency police number and ask for some help.

Officer Franco arrived soon after my call and pulled my 400lb chair out of the mud and brought it to a much dryer area of the lawn.

Officer Keith is another one of my favorites. He's the bingo cop that puts up with my constant harassment about getting him to dance with me. He always makes me smile.

Then there's officer Gaddy, aka Officer G-daddy, which is how I finally learned how to remember his name after a few interactions around town. 

Officer Barnes is another one I've spoken with a few times. He was my impromptu therapist/counselor one particularly stressful day when I ran into him at the library and poured my heart out to him. He also helped me with some questions about self defense, plus he let me take his pic and watched me spin out a few times in the high school parking lot, which is always fun.I recently used him again as a counselor when I was obsessing over the past. He helped me move on.

Nathan and Maria were absolutely charming as they took my report when I recently lost my cell phone, and Maria pulls over sometimes just to say hi to me! (All members of the force are welcome to pull me over any time, just please never search me).

Another beautiful police woman, Sergeant Miller, is so cool. She attends city council meetings sometimes and is one of the officers in charge of community involvement and other public relations stuff. 

Then there are the guys who transported me to the loony bin, and the officer who gently advised me not to ask for my confiscated weed back, although, honestly, I still would appreciate that back. (Come on guys, it's a weed.)

I've had many police rescuers. There have been several who have helped when my chair battery has died, or when I've been in some other helpless situation. Thanks to the officer who pushed me off the sidewalk when I was high-centered (video on right). I hope my chair didn't hurt you. She can be kind of pushy sometimes.

I've even had the honor of formal (well maybe not officially formal) police escorts, after break downs which the  chair somehow manged to recover from.

Many officers have patiently put up with my questions about dancing with me, or smoking weed, or traffic concerns or ideas for getting media attention.

I can't forget the lovely ladies and gentlemen who work in the department or in dispatch, who have patiently helped me with more situations than I can count. Not to mention they occasionally dispatch my brothers from the MFD. 

There is also the fact that we live in Moore Oklahoma, and the department has often needed to respond quickly and carefully to many tornado disasters, demonstrating the courage and compassion that seems infused into their department. 

I love spending time late at night drawing messages on the sidewalk of the station with chalk (although the chalk did lead to this apology). I write notes to our town, and brag about the fact that you all are my heroes. I wish there was a way to get you paid more. I know a lot of you have to work additional jobs to supplement income, which drives me crazy. Heroes should make more than football players or actors.

You all are my heroes and I admire and appreciate each of you and the roles you take to help make our town a safe place