​His real name is Kurt, my nickname for him is Mississippi (same initials as my superhero), but let me start at the beginning.

The big bad Oklahoma wind had a habit of huffing and puffing until a section of my fence was blown down. Each time it did my dogs would exploit their opportunity at freedom, and run around terrorizing the neighborhood.

Through the Nextdoor website, I begged for a hero and Kurt was quick to volunteer.

Enter my sexy superhero. He rode up on his motorcycle, effectively reminding me of parts of myself I have grown accustomed to ignoring.

​I will blog sometime soon about the forced asexuality often inflicted on members of the disabled community, but suffice it to say, he has an uncanny ability to bring out my true nature.  

He first checked the fence out and made some measurements, then came a few days later with the supplies he needed, as well as donuts for me and the kids. 

He also replaced about a million light bulbs that had been burnt out for several years, and he fixed a sticky drawer and collapsing lazy-susan in a corner cabinet.

He even measured the backyard steps and offered to build me a ramp for the backyard.

Dreamy, huh?

Tall, dark, handsome stranger fixing stuff. 

Of course I hit on him! I hit on many of my heroes, but Kurt lets me take a little farther than I typically go, and it has been so much fun. I've laughed more since knowing him, than I have since...well...not knowing him. He was even willing to be my fake boyfriend until my therapist talked me out of it.

He also hasn't blocked my number yet, so I still occasionally harass him. I recently talked him into coming to my new apartment to help hang a mirror and move some heavy things. He went above and beyond the call of duty, and took care of absolutely everything I asked. Some of which had been needing attention for far too long.

One of the many wonderful things he did was to separate the sections of the dresser in the pics below, so I could actually use the top drawers which had previously been too high for me to reach. I could only find a pic showing part of the unit before the separation, sorry. 

Now I can use the taller section as a shelf, and actually be able to see into and make use of every drawer. He measured the shorter part, because I mentioned that I wanted it to be made into a window seat. Of course, being the gentleman he is, he volunteered to build it. (Ignore the clutter on top, it is my free spirit's luggage and a temporary mess). Kurt's talents have actually inspired me to clean and organize many things, but I am still a work in progress and I need shelving! Hey, maybe I could use him put some boards up...​

My only fear now is that I will scare him away before he helps me with all the things I want him to do. He has managed to tolerate my blatant advances so far, and has even humored me with plenty of agonizing teasing, so perhaps this story will continue.

Anyway, thank you Mississippi for living up to your abbreviation. I'll see you in my dreams.

I should take this opportunity to explain that I have a thing for bald guys...it'sPitbull's fault...