Perry, the best trash guy ever

There are some sounds that strike fear into the hearts of men (and women). One such sound is that of the trash collector coming down the street when you know you forgot to pull the cans to the curb, (or in my case, make your kids do it).

This particular week, when I heard the truck, I quickly freaked out mentally, before riding out there to try to get them down in time. Even small things like pulling trash buckets to the curb can be tricky from a wheelchair, and I hoped I wouldn't be too late.

When I went down the ramp, I was surprised to see the truck parked at our house, and the garbage man pulling the first bucket down for me. I apologized and started to get the second one, but he told me to leave it. That he would get it. Not only did he pull both cans down, and empty them, he also brought them back up once they were emptied. Talk about going above and beyond his call of duty. He is another example of the extraordinary everyday heroes in my life.