Random Acts of Kindness

Kindness is contagious. I have been honored to have so many stories of strangers offering help that I can't remember them all. I try to be sure to dish out RAK's myself when I'm able to. Here are a few of the stories that have made a difference in my life.

One day I went into the gas station to get a cup of coffee. An old man in a cowboy hat was in front of me in line. He told the clerk "I'm paying for hers as well." Then he paid for my drink. I've since had many other people buy me drinks or food and I'm sorry I can't remember every story to brag about you all.

The owner of a local gas station gave me a cold drink and two bottles of water on a hot day. An employee on the night shift bought my drink and let me vent to him as my marriage was falling apart.

All of the local businesses are awesome and have helped me with one thing or another often.

The managers at the local Walmart tracked down and returned my lost hat. Walmart employees have also rearranged entire shelving to make things more accessible after noticing me struggle with one thing or another. Two of the managers who own motorcycles have said they'll each take me for a ride if we can figure out how to get me on them and keep me on for the ride. I'm thinking Velcro bodysuits.


One day as I was rolling home with a case of Mountain Dew, I rolled over a bump and dropped them all. A large man in an SUV pulled into the middle of the road, put his hazards on, and helped me gather the un-exploded ones up before going on his way. 

After a tornado, a man pulled over and lifted downed (shut off) power lines to help me cross the street. A man at Dollar General bought my treasures one day.  Another stranger righted the wheelchair with me in it when the whole chair had fallen onto its side. I had a man cross a culvert to rescue me when I was high-centered on the edge of an empty parking lot.  One night a runner pushed me several blocks and up the ramp to my house.

A guy in a truck gave me and my manual chair a lift late one night and didn't kidnap me. I realized later that getting rides from strangers at midnight when your legs don't work is not the safest idea. 

A person bought my groceries one day. I had another high center rescue from a stranger by the pond. A kind man gave me five dollars to get some duct tape when I was running low. A woman pulled over and gave me twenty dollars when I was rather desperate for money and wore signs stating "dyingwithstyle.org Donations Appreciated".

I recently bought $43 worth of groceries and discovered at the checkout line that I didn't have the food stamps to pay. The man and woman behind me in line paid for them. I've been stuck on the train tracks several times and rescued each one.

I've recently fallen on my side twice, and strangers were quick to pull over and right me both times. I have so many stories, I could go on all day. Kind words of encouragement are as powerful as any of the other acts and I am so thankful to receive them often.

Kindness is so wonderful to receive and even better to give. Please share some today.