I pass by their shop all the time. Since my wheelchair is my car I never imagined much interaction with an auto shop but fate keeps bringing us together. They put mirror tint on their windows so now I have even more of a reason to love them.

It all started when one day I noticed their sign. See the bar extending from the pole with their sign on top in the picture in the top, right corner of this page? Sorry if that sentence is confusing. Anyway, I had recently finished making the road art in the top center photos. I wanted to hang it from that bar so I went in and spoke with the owner and it was up before I knew it. Literally. They hung it in a different place so my daughter had to point it out to me. Anyway, it's up!

​My second visit was prompted by the misfortune of a faulty footrest. Cisco patiently reattached the footrest and adjusted it to my liking.

Last but not least came the care and attention from Tim. (Pics below). I had accidentally run over dog poop and then had almost gotten stuck in the mud trying to get the poop out of my tires. I didn't want to roll back into my apartment until the treads were clean. I messaged the maintenance man, but by the time he got back to me I was being taken care of at R.W. 

Tim used a screwdriver and hose and took at least 20 or 30 minutes out of his day to pry the mud and other gunk out. If I had money I would have given him a huge tip, but this web page will have to do. Thank you all for helping me out and for putting the mirror tint on your windows! It is now one of my favorite dance spots.

I don't even have a vehicle yet, but the guys at R.W. Automotive are already my heroes.

R.W. Automotive