​Shawna and Jayden

​Shawna and her son Jayden were out and about when they noticed me and my chair sitting on the edge of the road. Shawna rolled her window down. I turned my music down, so I could hear what they were saying, and explained that I had gone over a large bump in the road, and my joystick had gone out. The problem rendered my chair immobile, unless I put it in manual and someone pushed it.

She drove to a nearby parking lot, and soon they made their way to me. They managed to push the chair to a driveway for the senior center, then continued pushing to make sure to land me in the shade. They were so sweet, and Shawna was concerned about just leaving me there while I called for help. She offered to go to the frozen custard place down the street and get me an ice cream. That idea sounded great to me and Jayden! 

As they were off to get that, I made the call to the police department, who dispatched my heroic firemen. She brought me back a big dish of strawberry custard. She was still so worried and explained that they could push me in somewhere or something, but I told her the fire department was on its way, and that she and Jayden had already done enough. I got her number, and gave her mine, and after a few more assurances that I would be okay, we parted ways. 

Later she texted me to make sure I had made it home okay. They are as sweet as the strawberry icecream they bought me, and I am so glad they took time out of their day to become my heroes.