Once upon a time there was a Designer named, Ian. He lived all by Himself until He designed a few pets, but He was still lonely. One day He decided to design a Video game with a bunch of Mini Ian’s. He’d have to make boy Ian’s, and girls so they could have babies. Girls wouldn’t like being called Ian, so let’s just call them all Dots, and we can let their dot parents name them. 

Ian made a game universe and many different colors, shapes, and types of dots. He gave them different strengths and weaknesses. He called the game YOUniverse. Each dot had its own little bubble which interacted in different ways with the other bubbles and with the game. Ian loved YOUniverse and Each dot very much.  

After the game had been running for a while, Ian contemplated why many of the Dots didn’t take care of each other, themselves, or care about Him. If a dot wanted to communicate with Ian, they simply had to stop being a designer and realize they’re a dot. 

Ian knew the game was full of mini designers, He made it that way. No wonder they thought they should give each other rules and boss each other around. He reset YOUniverse with a group of Dots who had figured out that their Designer wanted them to know Him. He could help them play the game. 

After YOUniverse was reset, the dots didn’t wait long before hurting each other and YOUniverse again. So, Ian decided to give the game some rules. Unfortunately, His rules didn’t work either. 

Ian told the Dots who listened to Him, that He had a plan. He’d make Himself into a Dot skin so He could go into the game and help the dots in Person. He began designing His Skin.  

Soon His Skin was in YOUniverse, helping the other dots and showing them Stuff. Dot Ian also told the other dots about Big Ian, outside of the Game, and that both Ian’s loved each dot in the game and wanted the dots to love Him back and to love each other.  

Then the dots killed Dot Ian, because that’s what Dots do. Dot Ian went into YOUniverse knowing the Dots would kill Him. When Ian designed the game, He gave Himself, the Designer, only one rule; to not mess with a dot’s free will.  

Now, He wants me to start spelling words right and to tell You that I Am, not Ian, is in Everyone and Everything, and saves us All in the End. If You don’t want to get stuck in this very real Universe, get to know the Designer whose real name is God and his Human skin’s name is Jesus. However, He Is much more than many Human dots believe. 

He goes by, Allah, Mother Nature, uses Many Prophets, and is the Spirit behind Most Beliefs. He is not any gender, race, or other category we can understand. That is another reason He made Jesus. We needed to know that God knows it’s hard to be human. He wants to help us through our journeys.  

Jesus loves humans so much that even though we killed Him in our Universe, He and God designed a place called Heaven for us to live in when our time in this universe ends. In the meantime, celebrate the life you have. I Am, Promises the time spent here will be worth it if we trust in Him and follow His leading. 

Love life and each other. Money is paper, share it. Life is short, enjoy it. Time is temporary, don’t waste it. Humanity is amazing, stop hurting each other. You are beautiful, know it. God and Jesus love you, love them back. 

Please get to know the Designer, that this Dot and many other Dots, Know and Love.