Have you ever gone down a street that didn't have an outlet? This happened to me yesterday. Instead of turning around and finding a different street with an outlet, I decided that I would just cut across an empty field. I started through the field, music blasting, dancing up a storm and feeling quite confident in my brilliant "cut across the field" plan. 

I was about 20 feet into the field, when my wheelchair seemed to be running a little slower than usual. Then it started slowing down a lot and fishtailing a bit. I looked at the wheels to see they were caked in mud. I looked back and could see the tracks get deeper and deeper as they led up to me. By the time I had noticed that the field was was too muddy to support a 400+ lb. chair, my tracks were about 3" deep. I still had a bit of momentum so I tried to maneuver the chair to drier ground but it wasn't going to happen. I was officially stuck in the mud, although I could make very tiny movements with my wheels.

I didn't turn the music off. Even disasters need background music. I dance rocked trying to shift my body weight in the chair to allow for some increase in movement. I also tried using my pathetically weak legs to push against the mud in attempt to back the chair up or turn it around or something. I managed to move it a few inches. I then tried digging the massive amount of mud out from around the tires.

I was probably stuck in the field for 5-10 minutes when my hero walked toward me from the housing addition where the dead end street had ended. He asked what he could do to help and soon was joined by my heroine, his girlfriend. They both pushed as I steered the chair back toward the concrete jungle I had foolishly abandoned. 

We all were laughing and talking as they pushed, and I told them I had to get their picture because they were my heroes for the day.

I don't know why I hadn't noticed before, but as I got ready to take the picture, I saw he had the superman hat and wristband on. Rescuing damsels in distress is what Superman is all about, and I am so thankful that he and his girlfriend noticed the crippled chick stuck in the mud, and went out of their way to rescue me. The best part of all is that they gave me their numbers, and I get to be true friends with the real life Superman and Lois Lane. I am the luckiest unlucky person ever! 

Superman and Lois Lane