As I danced my way to Walmart, my chair began to run slower than it normally runs. It took me about three blocks to finally realize my battery was almost dead. I had forgotten to charge it the night before and had gone several miles both days. No wonder it was dying. I was almost to Walmart and thought well I've made it this far, might as well get what I came for.

I got the cat food I had gone there for, checked out, and had made it to the very edge of the parking lot. As I tried to go up a fairly steep slope of sidewalk the chair flashed the low battery error and refused to move. Two helpful strangers pushed me to a level patch of sidewalk and I called the non emergency police number and explained the situation.

The first hero to arrive was Officer White. He assessed the situation and then we just talked. It was awesome. I thanked him for being my hero and he said they really don't get to hear that much. Will everyone who reads this thank the next officer you see? They risk their lives every day and almost all of them (including Officer White) have to work additional jobs just to make ends meet.  The least we can do is tell them thanks.

Anyway, soon my buff brothers arrived. As they were discussing the various options for getting me home Big Daddy Bruno entered. I know Steve, but had no idea he had an alter ego until the Victorious Warriors filled me in. He offered to load the chair in the back of his pickup and I could have the pleasure of riding in the cab with him and the girls. The Fire Department liked that plan.

It was so much fun. The Warriors were already my friends before they helped rescue me and now they are my heroes. Their dad was so sweet to help with his truck, and he even brought the cat food to my door and filled the container for me. 

Thanks for helping this professional damsel in distress ride another disaster out in style.

The Victorious Warriors and Big Daddy Bruno (a little help from the PD and FD)