​Val Shared Her Sunshine

​One of the things that I've had many people comment on is that I need a flag or something to increase visibility for when I'm dancing around town especially across traffic.

Wheelchairs sit 4 feet and some inches off the ground, which puts me under the sight line of most drivers in large vehicals. Basically, I'm too short to be seen over the hood of large trucks and SUVs. I have yet to be hit, but I would prefer not to be, so I need a flag. Enter my heroine Val

I pass by her tan and tone shop all the time, and when I saw her flags, I had an idea. I asked the store attendant if I could have the flags when she was done using them. The girl working there when I asked didn't have permission to tell me one way or another, but a few days later as I went past the store, Val, the owner ran out to tell me she had some extra flags she would give me.

She gave me a long string of them, which is awesome because I probably would have had to order like 100 yards or something, which would have been overkill, not to mention, I'm poor, cause dancing around town still doesn't make me money.  

I'm currently working on the next flag design, so thank you Val for hooking me up with some free flag​s.